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Golf cart/4 wheel key parts (AC motor, controller, rear axle with gear box,front axle)

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Description : 160mm rear axle for heavy conjoined full floating variable speed hydraulic brake
gear ratio 1:10
Integral design
thicken reinforced gearbox, CNC technology
synchronous gear structure,Gear module Increased
Integral ductile iron differential case,semi-axis planetary gear module increased
Product features
The gearbox with 40GrMnTi material, HRC22-28 carburized layer, HRC40-45 heat treatment,
Higher precision, lower noise, structural durabilities.
Simplified structure
Small power consumption, strong endurance

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Description : Rear axle details:
Brake size:160mm/180mm/220mm/250mm/280mm drum brake or disc brake

1.Product name:rear drive axle transmission with drum brake
2.Differential gearbox input shaft is connected by square flange with 18 teeth male spline shaft with pressure angle of 30กใ
3. Gear ratio:10:1,12.76:1 etc. Can be customized as OEM requested.
4. total length of rear axle can be customized as OEM requested.
5.Materials:Carbon Steel, Stainless steel,etc.
6. Braking method: 180mm,220mm diameter of hub drum brake or disc brake
7. Totally rated loading weight: 1.2ton.
8. Suitable application types of vehicle:electric golf cart, electric sedan,electric sightseeing car,electric police car.
Small power consumption, strong endurance

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Description :
1) front axle with steering parts
2) width can be customized without brakes.
3) Suitable for Drum brakes and Disc Brakes.
4) the front steering axle is for front driving of go kart or other front steering axle.

brake drum can be 180mm,160mm or 220mm
axle length is made according to client reqquirement.
axle length from 600mm to max 1200mm,
axle brake is smaller disc brake,and usually vehicle speed is not very high,usually its speed is 40-50km/h
Small power consumption, strong endurance

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Description :
AC driving system (3kw-15kw): AC motor and controller
The AC motor drives the small electric vehicle motor differential
assembly and the differential rear axle.
Voltage: 48V / 60V
Power: 1KW,1.2KW,3KW,3.5KW,5KW and can be customized

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Description :Available 12 up to 28 inch
1) Brushless gearless motor: gearless means direct drive, quiet, high efficiency, long working life, maintenance free.
2)Built-in sine-wave controller:smooth riding control, no messy exposed wirings, easy to install, neat looking bikes.
3)Strong torque: acheived by stronger magnets, thinner 0.35mm stacked lamination, innovative motor design, high capacity MOSFETs.
4)Open voltages 24/36/48Vdc: user adjustable power and speed, self upgradable from 24V to 36V or 48V to meet local regulations.
5)Built-in cooling fan: effective heat dissipating, better performance for motor and controller, higher climbing capability.
6)Programmable controller: control parameters programming via USB cable, customizable for different EV applications.