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Company Profile

     We are the Manufacturer and specialized in Selling the under below commodity from local Market to all over the world.

AC/DC Geared Motor, Micro Motor, Stepping Motor,Spur Gear, Planetary Gear.

  We've got plenty of reputation from our customer due to the high quality, low noisy, and Long terms resistance and give them all the technical assistance if they want.

  Our main rule is to figure out what the customer really want, and then provide them with best quality, dead line and best service that we can offer in all aspects.

  Anyway, if you have any inquiry and question, feel free to call us and contact us.

  Our respond will be right up.

Best regards!

Customer Service
EU,USA : +49-(0)160 5843578
Asia,others: +86 189 4291 2395

Add : Am Schieferberg,Kelkheim(Taunus),
Frankfurt am Main,65779 Deutschland
Factory Site & Equipment
Office Building
Production Line
Factory Department
The armature tester
Roughness tester
Hardness Tester
Motor Performance Tester