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Vibration Motors
Coin Motors
Flat vibrating motors
Cylinder Motors
Cylinder shape vibrating motors with customized rubber coat
SMT vibrating Motors
SMT assmebly vibrating motors
Coreless Motor
Coreless Motors (Diameter <10mm)
low cost and light weight with precious metal brushes that provide commutation.
Coreless Motors (Diameter >10mm)
Using high performance permanent magnets
Geared Motors
Planetary Gear Motors
Using Planetary Gearhead
Spur Gear Motors
Using Spur Gearhead
Worm Gear Motors
Using Worm Gearhead
Electric Vehicle Motors
Golf cart drive axle
AC motor, controller, rear axle with gear box,front axle
Golf cart Kit
Charger,Gear level,Pedal,Tires and rims,LED light,Steering wheel,Rangfinder
eBike DIY
eBike DIT Kit
Stepper Motors
Hybrid Stepper Motors
NEMA Series,0.9 degree and 1.8 degree
PM Stepper Motors
PM stepper Series
Encoder : Optical & Magnet
Optical and Magnet encoder for Coreless motors ,Brushless & Geared motors
AC Motors
AC Servo Motors
High inertia, small capacity and with servo reducer
AC Induction Motors
Various motor technologies, Universal, Shaded Pole and Synchronous
Servo Reducer
Servo Reducer for brushless motor & AC servo motor
AC Gear Motors
AC Gearmotor
DC Brush Motors & Generator
DC Motors
Low voltage DC and high voltage DC motor
High-voltage industrial Motors
High voltage DC by 110V,220V,230V,240V or customized.
Generater motor
Mini brush DC pumps
High temperature water pump, long life, no blocking pump, mute DC pump.
Mini brushless DC pumps
High temperature water pump, long life, no blocking pump, mute DC pump.
Using high performance permanent magnets
Electric Valves
Electric Valves for Liquid flow control.
Brushless Motors
BLDC Motors
EC motors , also called Brushless DC - BLDC
Brushless RC Inrunner Motors
Inrunner Brushless motors
Brushless RC Outrunner Motors
Outrunner Brushless motors
Linear actuators
DC Linear actuators
Linear Stepper motors
Linear PM and Hybrid stepper motor
Fan & Blower
AC ,DC ,EC fan
DC ,EC blower
DC ,EC Centrifugal fan


   If one of our standard motors does not meet your requirements, we can offer you:

adding connectors
custom contact configurations
custom mounting brackets
custom electrical / mech. specs
custom silicone rubber boots
custom motor capsules
custom flexible printed circuits
custom shafts & counter weights

Technical Assistance

   Uniqualis applications engineers are available to help you select the best DC motor drive system for your application. For technical assistance in selecting a drive system made up of brushless DC motors, DC brush motors, DC gearmotors,DC stepping motor, servo motor and coreless motor.
   please be prepared to answer the following questions:

Date you need prototypes.
The number of prototypes you will need.
The quantity required by the application in full production (per year).
Target price in full production.
Required torque.
Required speed.
Duty cycle.
Available supply voltage, max.
Available current supply, max.
Available space, max (diameter and length).
Shaft load (radial and axial).