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Our terms and conditions

   Transactions and agreements, as well as oral agreements - especially as they alter this general terms and conditions - only get obligatory for us by our written confirmation.    The same applies to arrangements made with our representatives or travelers.

   Regarding third parties also exclusively our general terms and conditions are valid.

  The receipt of our confirmation letter is deemed to be as approval and acknowledgement of our terms and conditions.

2.Contract Conclusion

   Our offers are always subject to change.

  Telegraphical, written or telephonical orders just get obligatory for us when we have verified them in a written form or when the items got subject to delivery. A satisfying credit report is necessary for a business commitment on our side for those buyers we are not standing in a permanent business relationship with, even then, if we should have already implicitly confirmed the conclusion of the contract. In case of insufficient information about the buyer approaching us after the conclusion of the contract, we are authorized to rescind the closed contract or to ask for prepayment or a security deposit. The customer does not have the right to withdraw from the contract when we ask for prepayment or a security deposit based on insufficient information.

  Supplementary agreements or subsequently made changes must be confirmed by us in a written form to get effective. Oral statements by representatives or employees require a written confirmation to be significant.